My Personal Fundraising Campaigns: Case Studies, Tips, and Reflections

Secrets of Personal Fundraising Training Webinar, 2007

Case Study: Sending Leng Sopharath to College in 2006
My personal fundraising campaign case study in Italian with English translation and remix here

Sending Leng Sopharath to College in 2007
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Cambodian Bloggers Summit Campaign
Lessons Learned:

TechSoup Article About Widget Fundraising Campaigns

A Toe in the Water: Using Social Networks for Fundraising
Stephen Blyth

Some notes about my Yahoo $100,000 Campaign

My lessons learned from personal fundraising - it's like jumping into cold water

An interview with me about the Yahoo Campaign

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Network for Good, The Wired Fundraiser
Network for Good has released a new study, "The Wired Fundraiser: How technology is making fundraising 'good to go'" (PDF). Based largely on Network for Good's experience (and data) from offering some of the first charity widgets, the key findings are, in brief:
  • When Wired Fundraisers Talk, People Listen: The messenger matters even more than the message.
  • Not Every Wired Fundraiser Is a Champion: The successful Wired Fundraiser has a relatively rare combination of true passion and a means to lend a sense of urgency to their cause.
  • Technology Makes a Difference: Widgets and social networks make existing personal fundraisers more effective.
  • Smart Charities Embrace the Wired Fundraiser: And they find